ESG Excel®

Harnessing the Power of Cutting-Edge SaaS Technology

ESG Excel is a leading edge RegTech SaaS Platform designed to equip any business with the tools and insights they need to comply and then thrive in a rapidly evolving ESG Reporting landscape. Regennabis’ advanced solution enables companies to effectively measure, manage and report on their environmental, social, and governance performance, ensuring they are on track to meet evolving standards. 

ESG Excel is designed to enable businesses to meet their materiality and double materiality regulatory and compliance obligations.

A solid ESG Performance drives business and brand value creation in five ways

1. Access to Capital

Investors will increasingly be seeking evidence of an ESG Strategy.

2. Risk Mitigation

A focus on ESG Issues at a Strategic, Financial and Operational level within a company is a clear indicator that Risk / Risk Management is understood within and throughout the company

3. ‘Social License to Operate’

Companies with a solid ESG Performance will continue to help garner the ongoing acceptance of their standard business practices and operating procedures by its employees, stakeholders, and the general public

4. Acquiring new Clients / Customers

B2B Clients and B2C Customers are increasingly seeking to align with companies that are delivering long-term social and environmental impacts, underpinned by a solid ESG Performance

5. Recruiting & Retaining Talent

A rapidly-growing industry will mean a myriad of opportunities for Talent – and increasingly, they will be seeking to work with companies who are clearly demonstrating taking responsibility for climate-related challenges

The ‘de-facto’ ESG Standards for Regenerative Industries



Environmental →

• GHG Emissions
• Energy Management
• Water & Wastewater Management
• Waste & Hazardous Materials Management

Social →

• Data Security
• Product Quality & Safety
• Customer Welfare
• Selling Practices & Product Labeling
• Employee Health & Safety
• Labor Practices, Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion

Governance →

• Product Design & Lifecycle Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Materials Sourcing & Efficiency
• Management of the Legal & Regulatory Environment
• Systemic Risk Management

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Software as a Service aligned to your business priorities

The ESG Excel platform powers industry-leading ESG solutions that are designed to:

  • Frame your ESG performance & goals into an actionable Sustainability Strategy
  • Leverage high quality data and information into knowledge-rich Dashboards
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your data through the way you Collect it. Connect it. Communicate it. Act on it.
  • Provide the tools needed to deliver real, measurable ROI against your ESG & Sustainability objectives.

Better manage your ESG Reporting Initiative

ESG Excel reporting software enables you to manage Environmental, Social and Governance impacts at a local, regional, and corporate level – ensuring alignment with all relevant stakeholder expectations.

  • Digitally collect information from multiple sources through a series of customised questionnaires to support the data

  • Identify opportunities to improve ESG & Sustainability performance

  • Meet targets and gain insight into your business using State-of-the-Art reporting tools and analytics

  • Create customizable dashboards and reports for internal and external stakeholders (aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]) to further enhance your communication

A single, intuitive cloud-based platform

Our cloud-based platform consolidates all ESG processes and reporting capabilities into a single platform, ensuring all your data is centralized.

ESG Excel is scalable, configurable and designed to meet the needs of dynamic businesses.

The platform has easy to use tool-sets that enable you to have your own automation, while still having the support of the ESG Excel team.

The service-oriented nature of the platform provides several integration options for communicating with other applications and data stores.

The platform also supports full localization, with the translation workbench being an integral part of the administration tool-set


Our Clients

We empower our clients with an information architecture centered around quality data acquisition to drive measurement, action and accountability.

ESG Excel provides the platform to design these end-to-end workflows and help our clients properly leverage their data assets to bridge the gap between their ESG position and their sustainability objectives.

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